If you bumped into a door, you may get a lump after a few moments. When you have a bump, it means that your blood is not circulating well, hence the swollen area. Children are the most prone to bumps because they bump into things especially when they start walking. They don't realize the obstacles in front of them. A bump is first red in color, then it turns purple and can hurt a lot if left untreated. Bumps are usually located on the forehead or face. Find out more about tips to relieve bumps.

A cold compress

There are several remedies for bumps. Cold reduces pain and swelling so apply a cold compress to the bump. When you are in a state of shock, you just want the pain to go away quickly. So, we can't wait to open the fridge and put ice cubes directly on the bump. This would only make the situation worse, as your skin can get burned. You can choose between ice cubes wrapped in a cloth or in a glove. Space out the application of the compress for fifteen minutes, so that the ice can take effect.

Clay or a coin

Clay is very well known in the world of cosmetics, because it has many virtues. It is used as a mask to beautify the face and hair. But clay also heals different ailments such as bumps. For this, make a clay poultice. Put some clay between two compresses; if the clay becomes dry after a few minutes, remove the poultice and put a new one on. One of the most commonly used grandmotherly tricks is the coin. If you don't have any of these ingredients at home, simply place a coin on the bump and hold it down with a cloth or scarf

Pharmaceutical products

If you have received a severe shock and the pain is unbearable, the best solution is to consult a doctor or pharmacist. They can prescribe creams or gels that will help you feel better. The products dedicated to bumps are creams based on arnica, which is a flower with a thousand virtues. Anti-inflammatory and healing, it is known to relieve bumps and wounds. Apply the cream two to three times a day as prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist.