First Aid

How to avoid stress and panic attacks?

Due to the high pace of daily life, many people are exposed to stress and acute anxiety. Several solutions are available to relieve panic attacks and to prevent stressful states. Consult a doctor When stress and anxiety overwhelm you so…

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What is a first aid kit made of?

A first aid kit is an essential item, no matter where you are. It should always be in your bag to provide first aid in case of illness, infection or accident. A first aid kit usually contains a few medicines…

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How to relieve bumps?

If you bumped into a door, you may get a lump after a few moments. When you have a bump, it means that your blood is not circulating well, hence the swollen area. Children are the most prone to bumps…

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How to clean your child’s eyes?

Every day, you are busy washing your baby. Very often, especially for new parents, we wonder about the good gestures to have for the hygiene of their baby. At the level of the face; skin, nose, eyes, ears, each part…

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How to relieve mosquito bites?

In Belgium, as in all other countries, when the heat and humidity arrive, mosquitoes also make their appearance. Mosquito bites are very irritating and annoying. You spend your time scratching and yet the affected area becomes red and swollen. To…

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