In Belgium, as in all other countries, when the heat and humidity arrive, mosquitoes also make their appearance. Mosquito bites are very irritating and annoying. You spend your time scratching and yet the affected area becomes red and swollen. To alleviate mosquito bites, there are several solutions available to you. Whether you choose natural or chemical remedies, both work very well.

Different creams

To alleviate mosquito bites, pharmaceutical products are an alternative. Many anti- mosquito bite products are sold in pharmacies. If you do not have a pharmacy nearby, you can order online. The Internet is evolving, and you can even find online pharmacies. You don't have to look for a pharmacy on call anymore, especially at the weekend. Pharmacies sell corticosteroid-based creams that are very effective in relieving mosquito and insect bites; click here for more details.

The ice

There is nothing better than cold to reduce inflammation. In contact with the cold, the skin becomes paralyzed and does not feel pain or itch for a while. Use a cold pack or a cloth filled with ice cubes to reduce the irritation caused by a mosquito bite. However, it is important to avoid putting ice on the skin for a long time, as the intense cold destroys the skin. Preferably use poultices and do not put them on the skin for more than fifteen minutes.

Honey and onion

Honey has been a beauty ally of the Egyptians since the beginning of time. For the simple reason that it has extraordinary virtues for the skin. Antibacterial and anti- inflammatory, it treats several ailments such as sore throats, bumps, etc. Take a drop of honey and apply directly to the affected area. Its role is to relieve the itching sensation and reduce inflammation. As far as onion is concerned, it is the main ingredient in cooking that gives taste to different dishes. Onion can also be used to relieve insect bites. Take an onion and blend it to extract its juice. The juice of the onion will help reduce itching and swelling of the skin. If you have sensitive and fragile skin, onion has an anti-fungal property that helps to reduce the risk of infection. Use onion rings and apply them to the bite.