A first aid kit is an essential item, no matter where you are. It should always be in your bag to provide first aid in case of illness, infection or accident. A first aid kit usually contains a few medicines and instruments for wiping and covering wounds. It can also be reduced to bandage products. So, what are the main elements of a first aid kit?

The necessary medicines

The first aid kit composition temporarily replaces medical care. It cannot replace a doctor's consultation. However, the container can really help you in case of illness and infection. Antiseptics, fever medication and antispasmodics are inseparable remedies in a first aid kit. If you are travelling, the kit should contain an antiemetic to relieve motion sickness. Sunscreen should also be included to protect the skin from UVB rays. If you suffer from a certain disease such as diabetes or asthma, you should have a special kit that can help you in case of an attack. In fact, an urban kit and a diabetic kit do not have the same medical accessories. Also, a first aid kit is not the same. Find all the medicines and medical accessories in the online parapharmacy Medi Market.

Medical equipment

A first aid kit may consist of a few products such as plasters and antiseptic, all the necessities of a bandage. It may also include single-use medical equipment such as syringes, needles and more. A first aid kit can have a variety of uses. There is an outdoor specific first aid kit, a family first aid kit or even a professional first aid kit. Each contains items related to itself. A thermometer and a scissors for cutting a bandage would also be essential tools in a first aid kit.

Treatment of wounds

In the event of a minor accident or insect bite, your first-aid kit should cover what is known as "boo-boos". This mainly concerns small wounds, simple burns and small bleeds. To clean the wound, a compress is an important dressing, because you may injure yourself at work or even at home. In case of bleeding, the first aid kit should include plastic bags or garbage bags that can be used to collect blood caused by gastric reflux (to show the doctor).