The manufacture of phytotherapy products consists in extracting the product with curative virtues from plants. To carry out phytotherapy is therefore to swallow or apply a finished product based on plants, in an ecological way, and thus to normally avoid any possible side effects.

Raw materials to be processed

There are currently three main types of medicinal plants for therapeutic purposes. Firstly, plants considered as medicinal plants with clinically proven healing and preventive properties. This can be a whole plant or a plant extract. These plants undergo manipulation and transformation before use. Herbal remedies by extractive preparations come next. After processing, you only get a small volume of product, by maceration, digestion or decoction like herbal teas and essential oils. And finally, finished herbal products are obtained from several mixtures of plants. Without active ingredients, they may also contain excipients, but in the presence of active ingredients, they are no longer considered as herbal medicines.

Plant powders

These powders are the purest, as the extract preparations with pure substances are isolated during processing. In this method, the plants are crushed as a whole and according to your needs, a powdered quantity with the whole plant is obtained. The substances present in the plant all act together as herbal medicine. These powders then work more effectively and give optimal protection against adverse effects. You benefit from the use of other therapeutic substances for your well-being, including the part you want to treat directly. And the herbal powders can be stored longer with their dried-out appearance.

The benefits of phytotherapy

Phytotherapy has two names, plant and treatment. It offers health and well-being from plants. Its way of healing is much more beneficial than chemical products which have side effects. If the herbal products follow the standards set for manufacturing and distribution, then you can enjoy herbal treatments without any problem. The most appreciated in the structure of the products is their organic and ecological character pushing to always plant medicinal plants and to take care of them. However, one should not rule out allergies and must stop the use in an obvious case, or ask for a substitute of herbal medicine.