The word "apitherapy" is derived from the Latin "apis" meaning "bee" and "therapia" meaning cure and care. Literally, apitherapy is the cure by bees. Discover the many benefits of bee products.

Honey to heal pains and aches

Considered as a super food by nutritionists, honey can effectively heal the body. The principle of apitherapy is simple: in case of domestic accidents for example, it uses the soothing virtues of honey as a dressing to heal a wound. In direct application, it also treats superficial burns, bedsores, chapped and cracked skin and other types of wounds. In massage, it is used to relieve gingivitis, back pain and rheumatism. When inhaled, it improves the respiratory system. Taken in the form of an apitherapy cocktail, it completes heavy treatments such as the treatment of a patient suffering from cancer or a cardiac pathology. In gargle, it strengthens the vocal cords of singers and speakers. Finally, bee venom contains anti-inflammatory agents called adolapine and melittine which help to promote blood circulation.

Honey used in cosmetic products

Another principle of apitherapy consists in using the products of the hive as natural ingredients in cosmetic products. Honey is very gentle on the skin and hair and it provides strength and robustness due to its richness in minerals, vitamins and anti- oxidants. In addition, this natural ingredient is full of good sugars and therefore nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It also delays the aging of skin cells and hair fiber and protects them from external aggressions caused by the sun and pollution. Today, hypoallergenic products based on royal jelly are highly recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians to treat and moisturize the skin of babies, especially those with atopic skin.

Honey and its incredible healing power

The use of honey for its healing properties is a principle of apitherapy that is very popular nowadays. Indeed , thanks to its abundance of glucose oxidase and its high sugar content, honey helps dry wounds and accelerates the healing process. For your information, the most effective hive products to use as dressings which are recognized by the European Institute of Antioxidants are lavender honey, green propolis, eucalyptus honey and thyme honey. In short, bees are our future, without them biodiversity is threatened; our survival depends on them so protect them by planting melliferous plants such as lavender, acacia or rosemary.