Hygienic protection or sanitary protection is a measure taken to avoid blood spillage during menstruation. It can be external or internal. In these few lines, you will find the sanitary protections adapted to your needs and you will learn how to choose it.

External protections

Currently, there are several alternatives and an embarrassment of choice. This kind of protection is the most used in the world and considered the first choice for the first period. First, pads are the easiest to use thanks their disposable property, as you can throw them away when they are full. Just stick them on your panties, you will feel like you are just wearing your daily panties. The great thing about them is that they are easy to find. The downside is that they are very discreet. You can't wear them on beach trips or while swimming in the pool. Then you have the menstrual panties. They are put on like regular panties and must be changed at night. They can be used for up to 3 years and allow you to feel dry all day. The menstrual panties are ecological since they are reusable. And finally, considered as external protection, is the listening of your body by free instinctive flow. Specifically, you need to be in tune with your body and go to the bathroom when you feel the flow.

Internal protections

Among the most used, there is the menstrual cup. It is inserted a little lower than the tampon and it collects the blood. It is reusable and therefore more economical. It keeps your vagina moist and it is removed when the cup is full. The problem is getting used to it, as some women need more time or even a few cycles to get used to it. Menstrual cups can be found in supermarkets as well as in pharmacies and organic shops, online or by direct purchase. There are also sanitary towels or panty liners that are washable; these are also ecological. There are also the menstrual sponges that are used like sponges by inserting them into the vagina.

Ecology and hygiene

Inner liners are considered to be more environmentally friendly and healthier. Because of the reusability, and because they are not disposable. Almost all internal protection is environmentally friendly except tampons. They are disposable, and while they are convenient, they are not hygienic. Pads are suitable for girls who are still in the prime of life at 15 years old and under. Because it is not easy for these girls to insert devices into their vagina at their age.