When packaging pharmaceuticals, it is important to understand the packaging process, including determining the types of packaging that are best for their product. The type of packaging you choose can have a significant impact on your final product. In the pharmaceutical industry, there are many factors to consider when choosing pharmaceutical packaging for your product. Here is a breakdown of various types of packaging used in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Solid pharmaceutical vials

Vials have been in use for many years for pharmaceutical packaging. These are small, sealed containers that are used to especially liquid medicines. These are made from plastic or glass. Many industries use vials for various products, including pharmaceuticals. A pharmaceutical vial is used to carry medications in solid or liquid state.

2. Ampoules

These are small sealed containers, almost like vials, that are mostly useful in storing or preserving samples in liquid or solid state. You can either find the usual glass ampoules or the double tipped ampoules. The primary difference between these two containers is that a double tip one offers an extra layer of protection; thus, safer for packaging.

3. Tamper-proof packaging

There are two broad types:

  • Tablet Blister Packs or Blister Packaging - This is a kind of packaging that completely wraps and seals the tablets. It is available in a number of different styles depending on the manufacturer. It can be made of plastic or paper and has a clear transparent window where the pharmaceutical company logo and information is printed. The pack usually consists of two or three parts and has an adhesive seal that keeps it together.
  • Pen or Bottle Blister Packs - Pen or bottle blister packs are used for oral liquid medicines. These packs come in various designs and can be made of plastic or paper. They are designed to be easy to open and are meant to be thrown away after use.

4. IV containers

A bottle for intravenous (IV) fluids is a specially designed container for the storage and administration of these types of medications. It is available in various sizes and made from materials such as glass, plastic, or foil. There are also different styles and designs available, such as a collapsible bag or a rigid bottle with a spout. IV Bags or IV Fluid Bags - An IV bag is used for the administration of IV medications. It comes in various sizes and is available in plastic or a special woven fabric. The IV bag holds the liquid medication and is connected to the patient’s arm with a tube. It can be hung on a stand or put on a table.


The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and as such, packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of products. There are many different types of packaging used in this industry, and each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages.