Bach flowers are flower essences that positively influence and act on the negative emotions or moods of a person in order to improve them. Moreover, these miracle elixirs help the person to manage his or her emotional and psychic problems. Thus, in order to benefit from an effective and adapted treatment, here are some tips which will show you how to use the Flower of Bach.

How to choose a Bach Flower in a treatment?

Before starting any treatment, know that the choice and the use of the Flower of Bach are done according to a well determined emotional state. Dr. Bach grouped together thirty-eight kinds of flower essences allowing to look after various pathologies and depressive mental states namely the states of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, discouragement, loneliness, despair and other depressive states. For example, if you are feeling discouraged, choose gentian. If you are feeling gloomy, choose Star of Bethlehem. To quickly regain physical and moral energy, turn to olive tree. If you still feel lonely, the water violet will help you feel better. As the list is long, inform your near advisers of flowers of Bach, pharmacy or store of sale of elixirs to find the flower adapted to your situation.

How to take the Bach Flower?

Before choosing a particular Bach Flower, you should first determine the emotion or mood you wish to change so that you can adapt the way you use the Bach Flower accordingly. The Bach Flower can be taken at any time of day before or after each meal, either orally or by applying it to the skin. As regards the oral way, manage the temporary emotions at best by drinking little by little, throughout the day, a glass of water in which you will add two drops of the chosen elixir. In the case of a treatment of deeply rooted emotions, take orally four drops of elixir at least four times a day for three weeks. In cutaneous application, the flower of Bach is applied to the skin by massage. Associated with creams or massage oil, it can be used as a dressing for various wounds. When diluted in bath water, it can also be used to treat skin problems such as eczema.

The rescue remedy and the mimule, two Bach Flowers  very known for their calming virtues

The rescue remedy, also called emergency remedy was created by Dr. Bach to treat effectively the psychological traumatisms, the states of stress and extreme anguish. This elixir contains six flowers: Star of Bethlehem, impatience, clematis, helianthus, plum myrobolan and wild apple. The use of the Flower of Bach rescue remedy will bring you peace and contentment most effectively. The mimule alleviates the apprehensions of all kinds, the lack of self-confidence and the shyness. In short, you should know that there is no contraindication or risk of overdose or drug interaction in the use of the Bach flower. For information, be aware that this  elixir contains alcohol. In this sense, to treat children, pregnant women, nursing mothers or alcoholics, dilute a few drops of elixir in water.