Aromatherapy is known to all as the treatment of various ailments with essential oils extracted from plants. So, when you hear about aromatherapy products, it will be about essential oils. It is a treatment that has existed since the 20th century. To obtain essential oils, the plants are distilled in order to keep their virtues.

The origin of the essential oil

An aromatherapy product is, above all, a plant concentrate, obtained after distillation of a mother plant. This process takes place as follows. First of all, the plant used will be put in a hermetic space. Purified water will be added to it, then the mixture of the two will be heated in a tank. Thanks to this, the plant will be able to recharge itself with natural active ingredients. Once this is done, a condensation system will cool the evacuated water vapor. In the end, a two-phase mixture will be obtained. There will be the aqueous part, constituted by the cooled water vapor and the part with the essential oil. The distillation of plants is carried out by specialized institutes but experienced people can do it at home, too.

The benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a treatment that has proven itself over the years. Indeed, a product for aromatherapy is particularly effective to fight against the various infections, to look after the wounds or small wounds of the daily newspaper and to relieve the evils, the cough, the digestive and respiratory disorders. Essential oils are also used to treat insomnia and fatigue problems. People who suffer from stress and anxiety as well as sportsmen are the most adept at using the virtues of plants to treat them. Thanks to the many molecules that essential oils possess, they offer many benefits. And there are many ways to administer them but it will depend, obviously, on the disorder you want to treat.

The three essential oils to have in your medicine box

Peppermint essential oil is a must because it can relieve headaches. Indeed, it has analgesic and anesthetic properties that constitute an effective remedy against headaches. This oil is administered through the skin around the temples and neck. Another essential aromatherapy product would be clove essential oil. It is an effective treatment for toothache. It is a good analgesic and antiseptic because it has eugenol. The essential oil of geranium is also an oil widely used in aromatherapy. It treats wounds and bruises and can therefore be used in everyday life. It is also a treatment against skin fungus.