In the past, people used to shout loudly that organic cosmetics were not as effective as traditional cosmetics. Nowadays, with the advent of green fashion and the concept of "eco-responsible consumption", organic cosmetics are on the rise as they have proved their worth. Find out how much organic cosmetics are worth.

Organic cosmetics are good for your health

Unlike traditional beauty products that contain chemical and allergenic substances, organic cosmetics do not contain preservatives, allergens, synthetic fragrances or chemical agents. They are therefore easily assimilated by the body and they do not harm it. Because of their natural benefits, they are effective in preserving the skin and are therefore beneficial to health. Among the ingredients contained in organic beauty products, are plants, floral waters, vegetable oils and essential oils. By incorporating these natural agents into your beauty routine, you will find that the effectiveness of natural cosmetics far exceeds that of cosmetics containing chemical agents. 

Organic cosmetics are subject to controls

Nowadays, in order to avoid any risk of overdosing, the ingredients of natural cosmetics are subject to rigorous controls. These controls are carried out at the level of the farmer as well as at the level of the supplier of raw materials before they end up  in the laboratory for in-depth analyses. After that, only the products that comply with the requirements are certified and labelled. The ECOCERT certification and the Cosmebio label for natural cosmetics are therefore a guarantee of safety and reliability for consumers.

Organic cosmetics are pleasant to use

Organic cosmetics have very pleasant scents that bring pleasure to the senses. Thanks to essential oils or hydrolats, natural cosmetics are widely used in aromatherapy to bring well-being and soothing. Thus, a natural lavender or rose fragrance provides a real olfactory pleasure and positively influences the nervous system. Moreover, organic cosmetics are perfectly adapted for asthmatics and those suffering from sinusitis, migraine or respiratory problems. In this sense, rather than being allergenic, the scent of natural cosmetics is relaxing and beneficial. In short, opting for organic cosmetics helps preserve the skin from chemicals, guarantees better health in the long term, and puts the preservation of the environment at the heart of your consumption.