Aloe vera is a great gift from nature. This great plant is full of amazing properties for the skin and hair. If you have a garden, there is nothing better than to plant aloe vera and extract its gel. If this is not possible, you can buy it online. There are many shops on the Internet that sell it.

The use of aloe vera through the years

This miraculous plant is also called "Barbados aloe". It belongs to the aloe family and grows in clumps. Aloe vera has evergreen leaves that are called suckers. These are the ones that produce the famous gel. The use of this gel is not recent. Its benefits have been known since ancient times. And people have been using it for many centuries in many countries. This plant has been cultivated for ages, among others in the Canary Islands, North Africa and the Mediterranean countries. Very quickly, it reached the whole world, first China and India, then America. The whole world then integrated it in their traditional medicines. To use it, it is necessary to cut the sucker according to its length. Then, you can extract the slightly sticky and transparent liquid that it contains. Aloe vera gel contains 98% water. The remaining 2% contains enzymes and other vitamins not produced by our body. To buy it online, click here.

What are the benefits of aloe vera for the skin?

Aloe vera is full of therapeutic and cosmetic virtues. Applied directly to the skin, its gel protects your skin from premature aging. It delays the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. By using it, you will have a beautiful complexion. Indeed, it hydrates and nourishes in depth the cells of your skin. Whether you have dry or fragile skin, you can apply aloe vera gel. Are you suffering from dry skin due to medical treatment? Following an injury, you have scars, or you feel a burn on your skin because of a sunburn. In these cases, just apply some aloe vera gel on your skin. And you will feel a soothing sensation very quickly. It can also be used on oily, acne-prone skin. The many nutrients and vitamins contained in aloe vera gel will restore the balance of sebum production by the skin. As a result, you will see your acne pimples fade and your blackheads reduced. Your skin will be less oily, as the gel will tighten your pores. This plant also has anti-inflammatory properties. Applied to a wound or burn, the gel will give you a quick soothing sensation.

What are the virtues of aloe vera gel for the hair?

If forever aloe vera gel is beneficial for the skin, it is also beneficial for the hair. It cleanses and soothes the scalp. Your hair will become less greasy and dandruff is over. Indeed, dandruff appears when your scalp is not in good health. For example, it can be irritated due to an overproduction of sebum. Aloe vera gel helps to restore this balance. This will prevent the formation of dandruff. Your hair fiber can also benefit from the many advantages of this plant. If you have dry, dull and brittle hair, apply aloe vera gel to it. It will give them strength and shine. It also tames frizz and leaves your hair soft and silky.

Why and how to buy aloe vera gel online?

If you have planted aloe vera at home, you can use its pure gel. After extracting it from its sucker, it is advisable to use it immediately on the skin or hair. Indeed, the air oxidizes it quickly. If you plan to buy the leaves of the plant from your neighbor, for example, they can be stored in the refrigerator for two or three days. If this is not possible, you can easily buy it online. However, to be sure you get all the benefits of this plant, make sure you choose a quality product. In order not to go wrong, it is better to choose well-known brands like Forever France. Also check the components of the product. Aloe vera gel, for example, allows you to enjoy the benefits of the plant as in nature. It contains vitamin C, acidity regulator and stabilized aloe vera gel. Buying your gel online also saves you from going to the store and saves you time. You just have to visit the shop that offers it online and place your order. Then, you receive your product at home. Online, you will also find other cosmetic products based on aloe vera such as moisturizing creams, etc. It's up to you to make your choice!